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    /scripts/upcp stopped sending mail since 24th April

    *this problem has nothing to do with the new cpanel upgrade breaking stuff!


    Time to time, I wont get my upcp update email at midnight, along with my other server emails (logwatch, cpbackup). I figure this is due to cpanel updating something, and sometimes hangs and doesnt send the email. No biggie, b/c upcp runs again the next time just fine.

    Well, since the 24th, I havent recieved an email that cron had run upcp. I ran /scripts/upcp to see whats wrong, and I was prompted to enter an email for a Spamassasin upgrade. I guess, this is what caused the hangup - waiting for user input before proceeding. I filled out the necessary parameters, and ran upcp a 2nd time, and it went through just fine, right to the end.

    However, last night I still did not recieve an email from upcp. Running it manually /scripts/upcp works flawlessly, but I dont know if cron just stopped running it for whatever reason, or some other underlying issue is to blame.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot for any input on this. Is there a cron log I can check to see if upcp is in fact running each night, but failing to email me about it?

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    You can check your cron logs in ;

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