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    Webmasters Forum [For Sale]

    I've started up a webmasters forum a couple of months ago. It has a little over 200 members, it could easily be a very active forum but I never got dedicated moderators to work with me and I myself left the forum.

    People still register quite often but not seeing active threads usually turns them away. The forum has two exclusive skins created by me that you would keep. I also released a forum skin linking back to the forum on vBtemplates,, yaXay, and the site itself.

    The forum software is vBulletin. With some dedicated moderators and a few members to start the forum up it could be very active in no time. The main reason I want to sell this site is I plan on opening a new forum and can't run both at once, so I'm hoping someone else could bring this forum to its full potential.

    Please PM me if you are interested and I'll send you the link to the site.

    I'm looking for offers above $500 without the vBulletin license. The two forum skins alone would be worth $500, so I'm looking for more than that.

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    Would you mind posting the URL, or sending me a PM?

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    Corect, the link is

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    I'm just curious how you get to the valuation of $500 on this. Does it have current earnings you're basing this upon?

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    I've never tried making any money from the forum, never sold advertising, never tried to.

    The way I came up with at least $500 is this: I design forum skins and sell them, the default skin would probably sell for around $300 and the other skin would probably go for $250.
    Also the 200 members and I've paid probably around $50 for advertising the site. So if I were to pick apart the site and sell the peices I think it'd come out to around $600.

    If I don't get any offers I like I may develop the site myself and sell it later after I can show some stats of advertising sales.

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    Showing any stats at all would be nice. I doubt this forum is worth $500 though. Couple of reasons why. It may have 200 members, but it doesnt look like many of them post. There is a lack of forum content for sure. Second, I dont find the default skin very appealing at all, so to me and maybe a lot of people, wouldnt even pay $100 for it. Another reason why I dont think it is worth $500 is that you provide no stats and no revenue from the web site. My forum was for sale here a while ago that had a lot more content and a better visually appealing skin and actually had earning potential, and I didnt get offers over $100.

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