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    php coder

    I am starting a site and need an advanced php coder to help.

    Need to be able to create what i say, illl give you the task you create it. I will make the site, and market them and we split the profit from everysale. No payment until we sell, but could be huge if everything is created like i say.

    only experienced people that will be dedicated to the job. Could be huge money though.

    If interested email or add me to msn [email protected]

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    So basically you're just going to sit there and let the coder do all the work and on top of that, you get half of the profit?

    Sounds very unreasonable to me.

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    No no no, he'll be counting the money too.

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    Guys, please don't turn this into a trashing thread. He said that he'll make the site and do all the marketing. He sets the boundaries for this project, he's the one paying. If you're not interested, please don't respond. If you're interested in bashing his payment options, please don't respond. If you have legitimate questions, please follow his contact preferences.

    Thank you. Good luck, Ammo
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    Thank you bear, I do the market i make the site, i will do everything in my power to sell it, I provide all the information for the scripts and what people want in scripts etc.

    If you dont like it then please pm me and take it up with me there dont trash my thread, im really not in the mood for you opinions.

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    Sorry about that, I take the comment back. The forum won't let me edit my post, so I must add another one. Naturally there is much more to a successful product than writing the product itself. Good luck with your project!


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    Thank you.

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    still looking for a coder.

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    Originally posted by ammo
    still looking for a coder.
    Try rewording your post - here is what it says at the moment:

    Advanced coder ... code monkey please ...
    Do what i say ... I don't want your input ...
    No payment, but ... you won't get paid ...
    Only experienced people ... so you'll remember "No payment"
    If interested ... not interesting enough to post here though

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