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    moving to a dedicated server?

    I've just been told by my current host that my site is using up too much of the servers resources and memory, and they have suspended my account. They say I need to move to a virtual dedicated server now. They also said that each account hosted on a shared server is not allowed to use more than 10% of the servers cpu or memory ... so I've been looking at other hosts and found one that allows accounts to use 25% of the servers resources.
    So what I need your advice on is whether it's worth moving to the host that allows accounts to use 25% of the servers resources, or if I should just stick with my current host and pay for a virtual dedicated server ... rather than find in 6 months time or whatever I need to upgrade to the dedicated server at the new host.
    Also,'s virtual dedicated servers are by far the cheapest I have seen ... is there a catch?!
    Thanks for any advice, it would be really appreciated

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    Hi nicolefan,

    I would say that the host that recommended you move to a virtual dedicated plan is most likely looking out for your best interests.

    A host that allows you to consume 25% of the system resources at any given time is walking an extremely risky line if they don't intend to put you on a server with very few clients. If this is a regular shared account, I could see perhaps some issues with your account down the road as this host realizes you are actually going to use that much.

    This is just my opinion, however.
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    I definitely agree with NB-Jay. The server of the host where you were allowed to use such resources would probably be slow. What if there were three other accounts such as yours who could use 25% of server resources? Now your site begins to crawl, or the server goes down. Not a good idea.

    Your host is most likely right.

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    Godaddy is not so cheap. The economic pack with plesk is costing $45/mo. You should look at powervps and serverint - they have excellent reviews on WHT and similar pricing.

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    thanks for that tip NB-Jay and ZapX. I understand what you mean, and I could see that being a problem. Think I'll avoid that host then.
    ACcomunica, you think godaddy's virtual dedicated plans are expensive? The host I'm with at the moment is offering me a plan for just under $60 a month, so I thought godaddy was cheap... and others I've looked at are offering the same thing for $90+ a month. Whats the average price for virtual dedicated servers?

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    forget what I said above about godaddy - i've read some bad things about them here, and i submitted a support request to them, received a reply saying i should expect an answer within 24 hours and it's been more than that now yet no reply from them.
    I'm choosing between my current host and PowerVPS now - do i stick with my current host who I (almost) trust, or go with the cheaper one that i've heard good stuff about?!

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    If you had good experience with your current host why not stay with them and avoid problems? In hosting most of the times is better to pay a little more...
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