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    FragAMania Gameservers - Great Pricing

    FragAMania Gameserver Pricing:

    All Servers Receive Free Website Hosting & Free Teamspeak

    Battlefield 1942: $2.00 / slot Order Now

    Battlefield 1942 Vietnam: $2.50 / slot Order Now

    Call of Duty: $2.50 / slot Order Now

    Call of Duty - United Offensive: $2.50 / slot Order Now

    Counter Strike: $1.50 / slot order Now

    Condition Zero: $1.50 / slot Order Now

    CS Source: $1.50 / slot Order Now

    Medal of Honor - AA: $1.50 / slot Order Now

    Medal of Honor - Breakthrough: $2.00 / slot Order Now

    Medal of Honor - Spearhead: $2.00 / slot Order Now

    Swat 4: $1.50 / slot Order Now

    Unreal Tournament 2004: $2.50 / slot Order Now

    Server Location:

    All of our Servers are currently located in US: Central.
    Within 1-2 weeks we will also have servers established in US: East. If you would like a server located in US: East please let us know on this e-mail address and we will send you an e-mail notifying you once the server is online (no money will be accepted until the server is up).

    US West Servers will closely follow.

    Clients on existing central servers will receive optional free transfers to other locations once they are established.

    Test Servers:

    We currently have two test servers enabled. If you would like to trial a different game, please e-mail us.

    Counter Strike Source:

    What our Clients Say:

    I don't know which is better. The server or the service! It was setup in 10 minutes. He was a super super nice guy. Helped me with every question I asked. Servers run great. Ping stays low. No crazy warping.
    m3kanix - NWG Clan


    These are the best servers I have ever played on. I have played games for 3 years and these servers stand out from any others. Alex is fast and does quality work, you know for a fact that the servers wont be overloaded.
    Chris - Final Stand Clan

    About FragAMania Gameservers:

    Unrivaled support & reliability make FragAMania a trusted name for all your gameserver. The FragAMania servers feature the state of the Art TCAdmin Control Panel / FTP, allowing you to Start / Stop / Modify your Server as well as add maps, files and mods.
    Don't Limit yourself, FragAMania will have the right solution for you.

    Thanks for your time and interest, please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
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    Do you guys need any workers? Setting up servers and so on? I might be interested in working with you guys

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    Hi Italia,

    What sort of work are you after?

    Please contact me on alex[at]


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