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    Linux site administrator and vbulletin technical manager

    We have a fairly large Vbulletin forum (50,000+ members, >5M posts), and need:

    - Perform software updates (PHP, apache, Mysql, kernal, and whatever else is involved)
    - Update VBulletin software when new updates are released
    - Perform all these issues pro-actively so that we (the owners) do not need to remind you to perform such audits and updates.
    - Be able to troubleshoot problems
    - Transfer domain, database, and other relevant issues should we decide to change hosts

    Basically, handle all the technical details of keeping our forum running quickly and as fast as possible.

    We will pay monthly salaray or hourly wage.

    Please PM.


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    Looks like I have no PM features yet. Just reply here, then.

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    I am very interested, do you have AIM, MSN or ICQ so that we can discuss this?

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    PM sent, waiting for response.

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    I am interested in doing this, contact me on aim at tecjff or on men at vtsammy[at] or you may yahoo me at jeffrey1278

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