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    ugh, spam listed.

    I put time / money into this, and I just chekced the history of the domain..

    I am spam listed, from a previous owner. The domain had dropped, and I picked it up, dang. How would I get unlisted?

    I am not a spammer, the person before was I guess

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    You can probably go through the registrar and they can take care of it or you can go through each BL itself and explain you are the new owner of the domain.
    I had to get my ip's off the BL's from the first owner...what a pain.


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    Actually, it looks like the IP that is blacklisted is one of eNom's redirection IPs, not yours. Pinging your domain returns a different IP than the one that is listed on, and checking that IP on's blacklist checker returns no results. In a few days,'s listing will probably be updated to reflect the new IP.

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    Thank you for the replies I will wait it out.

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