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    Macromedia Studio

    Does anyone know if a new version of Macromedia Studio will be released within the next few months? I purchased Studio MX and didn't realize that 2 months after Studio MX 2004 was going to be released. Naturally I was ticked. I'd call Macromedia but it's past business hours and the weekend is upon us.

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    Let's see.....
    Same thing happened to me. I believe this summer there's a new version coming out according to rumours in the Macromedia newsgroups.
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    MX 2005 (8 Ball) is coming ... I don't know if it's 2 months away, or 6, or 8, but it's coming.

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    On the Macromedia site they claim that there new release will be mid to late 2006. Why? Adobe owns Macromedia and finally they are merging their product lines.

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    That happened to us, but with Adobe. Adobe is very generous and offered to upgrade us for the difference. We also were able to "turn in" our PC version of Adobe Professional (13 licenses) and get 13 Licenses for Mac instead for a few dollars difference.

    Since Adobe/Macromedia are one now, I hope that Adobe's "upgrade" policy remains intact and carries over Macromedia Products.

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