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    Graphics needed ASAP!

    We are doing some revamping of our web site and are looking for some graphic work to be done ASAP.

    We have the following boxes on our site for CWIPanel

    We would like to replace those with new boxes that are more visually appealing.

    We would like the logo on our pages in the top left to be incorporated into the design of the box. We would like two larger versions of the box with the PSD for future editing, along with two smaller versions to replace the current ones listed above.

    In the past I have posted on here for design work and I have been pleased with the results. For this particular project time is everything and since its a smaller project I would prefer to have people who have time to do this ASAP responding. If you have too many projects to get the work back to me in the next 24 hours please do not respond. I know that this may be asking a bit much, but in the last three days I have had people message me asking for work, so I know there are people out there that can get this done.

    Submit your bid, timeframe here.

    Alvin Slocombe
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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    I will be gone Saturday, so I can do this project RIGHT NOW....

    for $25 via paypal

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    Well i have a box done... if you would like to see it

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    I would like to say thank you to all those who submitted quotes and or boxes. The box has been made and it was done by BennyG with - Thanks for the great work Benny.

    Alvin Slocombe
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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