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    :Wtd: IPB perpetual licence and IPB gallery

    Not too bothered about the time left on support, can pay in $US via paypal no problem

    licences to be verified by WHT

    Pm or mail me blotted At gmail dot com

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    Originally posted by frozen
    How much for the license?

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    Just to endorse the WHT warning about buying a secondhand license, no point in me posting the email addresses as they were free ones, but I had an attack of the wallies

    I have an invisionboard forum license bought from
    october 2004 and I don't know if it's a perpetual
    license or not. I have received the e-mail from
    invisionboard with the license and price etc which is
    $185. The invisionboard forum is new and never
    used/touched because my company will use the vbulletin
    forum and someone is still working with us for
    installation that vbulletin forum in our new server.

    The license is not offered yet to someone then if
    you're interested, I can sell and send all details to
    your e-mail once the $115 payment received from my
    paypal's partner account below :
    bla bla @

    Please re-contact me or him at Friday or Sunday night
    because on normal days we work until 20:00.
    I replied to get it verified here and got this

    I will tell my partner to register at first then if it's all go ok, I'll
    send you the e-mail's details from invisionboard.
    Please if you have actually another seller, then do
    what you feel better because I and partner, we work at
    normal days (full times helping our data's company and
    online on internet in week-end only) and I've only the
    license with all details where my partner has the
    paypal account.
    then this from his phantom partner
    I have one invisionboard perpetual license from october 2004 which is never used because I use vbulletin, if you're interested, my paypal account is: bla bla @
    I want to sell it at $110 close.
    (the others offered me only $90/95, so if you're agree then it will be yours.
    I'll send the e-mail from invisionboard and details once I received the payment.
    Sorry I don't want to share my invisionboard information with
    I gave him my telephone number and asked for his user name at Invision as we could transfer it through them and got this reply

    Thanks for your feedback, I've received 2 payments paypal where I'll confirm one person only because I've one license.
    I hope you find another seller there, and thanks again for the feedback,

    So just be careful out there

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