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    How much does each customer cost you?

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering, on average, how much does each customer cost to you in advertising and time? Basically, Advertising $ and Time/Clients.


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    It really depends on how much you consider your time worth and how much of a quality your service is.

    For example, if you rarely do any advertising and have the ability to run a stable service in which your customers are satisfied, you'd probably not get much support tickets and such.

    That would mean that each customer costs only about $20/yr or so.

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    Well, you can always take a look at the affiliate commissions that hosts are willing to pay. I know it for a fact that certain hosts manage to make a profit even after paying $100 per customer in advertising costs (using one form of advertising or another).

    The "Time/Clients" ratio varies a lot, usually depending largely on the market you're after. It's been said that "cheap hosting" attracts the more expensive customers (customers who ask a lot of questions).

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