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    * Unmetered - AMD64 from $189 - Sempron 2400+ from $149 - AMD 1400 from $119

    Duron Pro 1400+ $119/month

    Hard Disk: 40gb
    Memory: 512mb
    Link Speed: 5mbit
    Transfer: Unmetered

    Sempron 2400+ $149/month

    Hard Disk: 80gb
    Memory: 512mb
    Link Speed: 100mbit
    Transfer: Unmetered

    AMD64 3000+ NEW!! $189/month

    Hard Disk:80gb
    Link Speed:100mbit

    AMD64 3000+ NEW!! $950/month

    Hard Disk: 200gb
    Memory: 1024mb
    Link Speed: 1000mbit
    Transfer: unmetered

    Located in the FDC datacenter in Chicago, IL

    we also have the following deals available @ ThePlanet datacenter in Dallas, TX

    Celeron 2.4ghz
    Limited Time Offer!! $99.00/month

    Hard Disk:80gb
    Link Speed:10mbit

    Please visit our website @ for more information or if you are a current customer please open up a ticket @ Our Support Desk with our billing department to see if there are any special deals available for customer loyalty.

    Scott H.
    Fused Network
    General Inquiries: 1-888-272-7620
    East Coast Sales: 1-440-398-6047
    West Coast Sales: 1-707-320-9850

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    Are these really 100mbit unmetered servers?
    Is there any limitation on usage, eg. if you max more than 10mbps for 20 minutes they shut you off?

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    <25mbit constant usage is acceptable, basically as long as it's not using 50mbit+ 24/7 you ar efine.

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    Can you do Win2k3 for the O/S?
    Mike Bell
    Image Hosting

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    Yes we have Windows 2k3 Standard and Web editions

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    Are Control Panels and Windows free of charge?

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    I just noticed you only support cPanel.

    I'd like Windows 2003 with Helm or maybe Plesk if you cannot offer Helm - with the 2400+.

    I know FDC Servers has them both available, and Windows and Control Panels are also free of charge.

    So, just wondering if they are free with you guys as well, and if I could get Helm or Plesk on my Win2k3 box if purchased through FusedNetwork.

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    Yes they are free through us during signup enter the promotional coupon code 'freecontrol' to make control panels free of charge.

    we do offer the same control panels as FDC so if they have it we have it, if it's not on our signup form just select plesk or cpanel then put in the notes what control panel you wish for instead.

    scott h.

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    Sempron 2400+ $149/month

    Hard Disk: 80gb
    Memory: 512mb
    Link Speed: 100mbit
    Transfer: Unmetered

    So I can get that set-up, with Windows 2003 and Helm for $149 / Month? If so, will this offer still be valid next week? I won't have the first month's money until then - but I'm hoping I can still take advantage of this!

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    yes we plan to have this available till May 25th.

    Scott H.

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    Your website says you charge for Windows, therefore I cannot place my order.

    I'd like to purchase ASAP:

    Sempron 2400+
    Hard Disk: 80gb
    Memory: 512mb
    Link Speed: 100mbit
    Transfer: Unmetered
    OS: Windows 2003 Web Edition
    Control Panel: Helm
    No IRC/Shell Hosting

    $149 / Month
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    Have been contacted by sales, they notified billing.

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