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    Logging 404s: Email vs Database INSERT

    Currently I email myself everytime a 404 is generated, which can be up to a couple of hundred times a day.

    Would it be more efficient (memory/cpu) to do an INSERT to MySQL table to log these errors? Thanks.

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    This is kind of a silly question in a way. Unless you are running your site on a P133 with 32megs of ram it really shouldnt matter anyway.

    Consider that apache logs each access anyway. What does that generate, like 1kb/sec of I/O? Insignificant.
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    it's really relevant to how you want to access these. Personally, I find it easier dealing with errors through a database than to deal with the errors through email. If you've got a large, popular site, dealing with them through email would result in quite a bit of spam anyways.
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