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    36 on one server and on another??

    I dont know how or if this is possible. But i this this is possible. Lets say my site is I want on a dedicated server but make a subdomain and have that on another dedicated server. I want this done because of SEO(search engin optimization) purpose.

    I this is doing this. His main domain is on one server and i think is on another.

    Any help would be really, really appreciation.

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    I am sure they do it because of the sheer processing power needed for his servers. You can also simply add different ip blocks to the same server.

    The above is perfectly possilbe just make sure you have dns records for the subdomain in which ever box is the dns server for the entire domain.
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    Point the A record for your subdomain to the seperate server and you can have it on any server you want.
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    If your only purpose is for SEO, you do not need two dedicated servers although it's perfectly possible. I would rather get a new IP and assign it to the same server, and have one IP server and the other serve up

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    Yes it possible and we do that for all the dedicated servers we have (like server1. etc)

    All you have to do is point the sub domain that you set up to point to the IP of the second dedicated server. It's pretty simply actually.

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    just so he knows, additional dedicated servers aren't necessary just to separate the base domain from the subdomains. it can be done with mere reseller accounts, too.

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