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    Adding a hard drive on XP SP2 -Help Please-

    Hey guys,
    For some reason I am having trouble adding this 160 GB HD to my computer. I opened my computer up, changed the pins on my stock hard drive to "Master" and changed the additional hard drive to "Slave." I booted my computer up, got a confirmation that the hard drive was found, then it was assigned as a disk drive. For some reason though my computer isn't adding it as a hard drive. I look in My Computer and nothing has changed. I then opened up Device Manager and it says there are no problems and the drive is running correctly. Any suggestions? By the way, it's a Samsung if that helps.

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    This is happening because windows doesnt support drives larger then 132gb.

    There is a bypass for this:;en-us;303013

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    Thanks iyash,
    Actually I have SP 2. I was inspired to do a Google search and withing 1 minute I was directed to this page;en-us;309000

    Just had to follow a few steps and POW! Brand new 160 GB HD!

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    i bought an external hard-drive not long ago for my laptop. I had to manually assign it a letter before it showed up in my computer.
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    I just bought a Seagate 160GB external USB Storage (hdd), and XP recognized it right away.

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    Originally posted by Rob83
    I just bought a Seagate 160GB external USB Storage (hdd), and XP recognized it right away.
    External drives come pre-formatted usually.
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