Due to a variety of client and internal upgrades we have a number of Dedicated Servers available ...

All are previously live servers, serviced and fitted with new RAM, new Hard Drive, new Fans. All are rackmount servers - we dont rent out desktops or shuttles !

CPU, Memory, Disk, Bandwidth, Operating System
Celeron 500, 256MB Ram, 20Gb HDD, 100Gb DataTransfer, Fedora 2 - 20/month
Celeron 766, 256MB Ram, 20Gb HDD, 200Gb DataTransfer, Fedora 2 - 30/month
Pentium 3 600, 512MB Ram, 40Gb HDD, 300Gb DataTransfer, Fedora 2 - 40/month
Pentium 3 800, 512MB Ram, 40Gb HDD, 400Gb DataTransfer, Fedora 2 - 50/month
Setup 49 or *FREE* until 3rd May 2005.

All prices are quoted ex.VAT, No minimum contract term.

Ideal as single site webservers, dns servers, secondary off-network mail servers, VPS replacements etc.

2 Ips as standard
100Mb/s switch port

Add-on options are
+10/month - APC Reboot switch
+20/month - 10Gb NAS storage space

Other O/s choices available by request
Control Panel choices available by request
RAM/Disk upgrades available by request

For UK Hosted P4/Xeon Servers with cPanel, Plesk, HSphere, or HELM please contact me.