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    Hosting Domain Name

    I'm looking for a new name for a hosting company I'm making.

    What do you guys think of

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    If you post the domain name someone is bound to register it before you do...

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    Originally posted by Josh Stein
    If you post the domain name someone is bound to register it before you do...
    Too late. was registered yesterday.

    How about "quacking duck hosting"? If you'll offer phone support,
    input a number where people can hear a duck quack.

    The point is, you can choose any word along with host. It simply
    depends on what you're targetting, specializing, or what word do
    you want people to know you for.

    That being said, is there something else you specialize on?

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    I bought the domain name yesterday lol. I wouldn't post it without registering first lol. But after I bought it, I began to think that it wasn't right for a shared hosting company.

    Oops this post would better be in the appraisal section. Never noticed WTH had one. My mistake.
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    It's not a bad name but it almost sounds like the name of a charity that helps starving web hosting companies.

    Please give to Hosting Relief and help a web host struggling to make ends meet...
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    Don't worry; it is indeed a very nice domain name.
    Simple, not too long and it represents that you are
    the man who provide relief to people that choose
    to become your clients...

    Good luck with your domain name and business
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