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    Does it matter what font you use for your websites layout?

    Does it detur the buyer? e.g. if you use Times New Roman

    What do you think?

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    If they don't have the font you choose installed on their PC, they won't see it anyways.

    Personally, I prefer to use something like Tahoma or Verdana. Very clean and easy to read, and almost everybody has it.

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    Most all pages/sites use Tahoma or Verdana. If you use some fancy font that you downloaded off the net, chances are your visitors wont see them at all, theyll see it all in TNR.

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    theyll see it all in TNR.
    Not necessarily. They'll see it in whatever they have set as their default font, and that could be anything.

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    ^ Right

    If both you and your visitor(s) have the same fonts, you can see them.

    However I think my friend mention to me that you can have a custom font on your site. Just like an image you have to upload the font file into your server and link to it.

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    I have read a lot of good studies (from places like, Jakob Nielsen & Steve Krug) that suggest that Verdana is the most ledgible font for users online, while Arial is 2nd.

    Sans serif fonts in general are most easy to read on the web, but they're not always appropriate - I do like to use some serif fonts in headlines, graphics, logos, etc. - but for long or important web textual documents, I'd almost universally stick with those two.
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