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    Newbie questions Dedicated Server

    Hi we have been looking around at different Dedicated Server sites.
    One we found we like offers control panel webmin.
    We currently have a machine running fedora 3 here and other windows machines.
    Can someone explain how we would access and run Dedicated Server?
    Does it work like vnc?
    we currently have hosting that has directory admin control panel.
    Any help and ideas would be great

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    All of these questions have been asked before, and answers may be found using the search function.

    Does it work like vnc?
    You may use VNC if you wish, but most people administrate remote linux boxes using SSH.

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    Of course, you can use webmin in addition to SSH and vnc.

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    Webmin is the webbased control panel provided which is a for freeBSD server. You can manage the Linux box with the help of the webmin or SSH or VNC whatever is confortable to you. If you have any other specific questions other than the one which are been disscussed in the thread provided to you by shockuk, you can ask them here

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