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    On-line payments for software vendor


    We are a young software company that is about to start commercializing a software product. Our product a 100% web based aplication similar to a business intelligence solution aimed at medium size companies. Our target public is mainly IT services and software development organizations.

    We are planning on selling the product online from our company website. Our question is, what is the best method/service to handle payment (eg Paypal)? We need to accept payments from as many countries as possible.

    Our main concern is to get it working as fast as possible. We are not so bothered about the size of commission fees as much as we are about being able to terminate the service at any time without incurring in major cost. (ie, no long term contract, minimum set up costs, etc...)

    Aside from finding the right service, are there any other considerations that are relevant to our situation regarding online payment we are forgetting?

    Thank you


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    Are you located in the US, or international?

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    Welcome to the forums franjeteque!

    Paypal can be one method and using their IPN - you can help to verify the payment immediately.

    If oyu are in the United States or have presence in the United States and doing more then $1,000 a month, you might consider a merchant account. Else 2CO also might be another option as well (both in conjunction with Paypal would be viable as well).

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    also when using paypal IPN when payment is verified, you
    can make a script php or asp generate a key automatically
    for your software

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