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    dedicated partner sought

    I am looking to again get involved in the hosting business. I ran what I would consider a moderately successful company for a period of about a year before deciding to sell due to time constraints. The company was by no means a gold mine, though it did bring in what I considered a fair amount of income considering the length of time I had been in business. I believe it was my philosophy and dedication to the business that allowed it to achieve a loyal following. In fact, during this year of business, every client that signed up stayed. With the market as congested as it is now, I consider this an achievement.

    On the issue at hand, as I said, I am looking to again enter the business, but this time I would like to compensate for what I was lacking in my previous venture. That is, someone with a similar philosophy and an equal amount of dedication to help facilitate the company's growth and success. If you're like me, the idea of having a partner is a scary one. If your philosophies are rooted in your own beliefs, you're probably used to butting heads with those who you've worked in the past. I'm hoping to find an interested party that will mesh well with what I'd like to develop as a "down to earth" hosting company that provides honest services and information for both the clueless and the techies.

    While I do have a prospective dedicated server host chosen, I am open to suggestions from whomever is interested in further pursuing my offer. If you've been in the business before, great, but I'm not asking that this be a requirement. Also, while I am a debt-free adult living in the United States, I do not ask that you be the same, aside from debt-free perhaps and hopefully nearing the age of 18. This is only to possibly insure that your ambitions and dedication will not fade once your "life" begins.

    This should be enough information for those who might be interested. There are obviously many issues that will need to be addressed prior to us coming to a final agreement.

    I assume my newness prevents me from private message or e-mailing users, so if you find yourself in the same boat, send me an e-mail at [email protected] and let me know you're interested and we can further discuss this proposition.

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    You have mail.

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    Still searching. All interested parties please respond via e-mail or private message.

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