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    Any Uk reseller hosts?

    Just wondering if there are any Uk hosts offering reseller packages? Cant seem to find many on here. Im just worried about the exchange rate. from GBP to $$. I mean, I think its good at the moment, but what happens when the exchange rate changes.
    Also, will my bank or CC company charge me, every month when I pay my hosting bill?

    Thanks very much

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    It really depends on the payment method you use to pay for the product. But generally, exchange rate fluctuations will affect both you and the seller.

    Do a search on WHT or look at the offers section. I'm pretty sure loads of reseller hosts exist for UK (although if the servers are in UK or europe, expect higher prices).
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    982 would be one for you to look at
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    A search would be your best bet, Any exchange rates dont move ALOT just maybe a few pence.
    Good luck with the search

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