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    * Anybody REALLY using Soholaunch?

    I'd be grateful if anybody really using Soholaunch could rec his/her host to me.
    You can pm me if you prefer.


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    Contact directly. They should be able to give you a list of recommended hosts. - Top Provider of Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS Plans.
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    Soholaunch questions


    I have 2 hosting accounts with Soholaunch.

    I separate my company accounts & backups from my client accounts, so if the client servers ever go down, my site will still be up for support.

    One is with Host Doggy. ( Their service/response times have been fabulous. The respond to almost every inquiry within the hour - even on weekends and their prices are very low. I believe my account is $8.99/month. He has also been very willing to get in touch directly with Soholaunch on technical issues which has been very helpful.

    My client accounts are on I chose them becuase they have live chat support for my clients. I have been fairly happy with them as well, but haven't had much interaction with them specific to soholaunch.

    I do have questions for anyone else using soholaunch... I am trying to decide whether or not to offer it as a standard offering to my clients. I really love the capabilities, but it seems very buggy. Does anyone else have an opinion about it?



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    Yes I would say its fair to say that it has a few more steps to go. I have seen a couple of complaints about some of the modules - Newsletter and Blog (which never was one of my favorites -there are a number of GPL solutions that are better suited to blogging).

    That said if you think any of your customers would find a use for a drag and drop ecommerce package there is no other other application that compares. Once you setup the particulars in the admin section you can then drag and drop a product anywhere on a page and it retains its link to the cart with no further coding. Blew our Oscommerce customers minds when they saw it for the first time.

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    Just a question: how many templates does Soholaunch Pro include?

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    Originally posted by Alethea
    Just a question: how many templates does Soholaunch Pro include?
    I am not sure of the exact amount of templates but you can modify and create your own as well. I like Soholaunch and I am currently testing Sitezen too. I think they both offer some good qualities and functions so I may offer both of them and give my customers a choice. That being said, out of all of the site builders I looked at, these are the ones that I like the best. Drag and drop has some good points about it and maybe I will take a closer look at that one but right now I have my hands full with these two.

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    It was just that I read somewhere Soholaunch has about +150 templates, but the Flash Demo just show about 12.

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    Originally posted by Alethea
    Just a question: how many templates does Soholaunch Pro include?
    I'd guess around 40-50 but templates are a weakness in Soholaunch. They are very basic but as has been pointed out it has a very simple template system. You can accomodate a new design to Soholaunch by dropping in tags into the existing design.

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