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    Advertising wanted.

    If you fit the criteria then please get in touch with prices.
    I am looking to display a banner ad for a jewellery website on a site that has at least 4000 uniques a day, the site has to have something in common with jewellery or lifestyle in general - ie no gardening sites etc if you think you have something which we can look at please get in touch.


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    Advertising form:

    Site Details:

    - ONLY $30.00 per month to advertise banner
    - Over 100,000 page views
    - Blog Hosting Site
    - General Audience
    - 70% Female members
    - Advertise banner ad on THOUSANDS of blog pages and throughout run-of-site
    - Great Opportunity. Lots of exposure

    I sent a PM with more details.

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    Unlimited banner views with no restriction flat charge permonth only $25 visit


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    I dont see how that site has anything to do with jewellery or lifestyle do you?

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