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    Im currently new on this issue on shopping on the internet. I've been searching for a good script that can deliver instant download when buying mp3 (the mp3 are legal).

    The main idea is very similar with the coldplay new e-shop. (check their website.. im new here and can't post links)

    is there any good and secure script so that people can buy mp3, videos, tshirts, well... stuff related to music bands from a record company.

    will modernbill, whmautopilot, zen cart .. be a good choice for this?

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    sorry rediv, you're probably popping back in here hoping this reply means an answer. But I'm looking for the same thing. Seems like a good way to sell songs from my album when people these days don't want to buy a physical CD from a unknown artist. (I've signed up for CDBaby's digital distribution option but that takes time and it's really only for exposure).

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    Guys look at for selling mp3's

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