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    1and1 Firewall

    I know that 1and1 is the devil when it comes to customer service, but I was checking out their dedicated packages and noticed that they tout a Firewall and Recovery tool as part of the package. Is that really necessary? If I was to get a server from Resellerworkz or LayeredTechnologies would I get that as well? I'm a noob to the dedicated server world and am thinking about picking one up, so any feedback would be appreciative.

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    Yes, it is pretty useless, and most if not all dedicated server providers will offer some basic filtering protection if only to protect their own network.

    If they are touting their firewalling service that hard, ask them can it withstand multi-gigabit ddos without charging you bandwidth overages, and allow free incoming bandwidth.
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    I use APF from
    They have some great software if your running a Linux server.

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