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    help please! sloooooow windows2k3 file transfer speeds over sagonet

    i use 3 main protocals for file transfers:
    irc [dcc]
    bit torrent
    no matter the protocal i use i can only seem to send at 60-100KB per send. for a short moment i had ftp sends at 350KB. my server is a 2ghz celeron 512MB mem at sagonet. they claim its my programs doing this.
    what the hell could be limiting my speeds like this?
    its a 10mb connection and using bittorrent ive gotten my downloads to 2500KB and uploads to 1700KB respectively, but only due to haveing a lot of sources and ppl to send to. in order to achieve 10mb send i need to make ~18 sends at one time.
    is there anything i can do or should i just dump the server and move on to a better host
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