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    PHP Developer Required

    We are looking to hire a PHP developer for a position within our company to work primarily on development of our software products (specifically, Olate Download, a free, LGPL download management system).

    About Olate Ltd
    Based in England, UK, Olate launched in April 2003 with the free webmaster resource Olate Ltd is now an internationally known company primarily developing internet related software for use by software developers and website owners. With strong ties with other software developers, Olate is in the best position to deliver the software to where it is needed.

    Olate Ltd is a Registered Limited Company in England and Wales, company number 5352981.

    We want to expand our product range but also improve our existing offerings. Olate Download was our first product and we wish to incorporate additional features as suggested by users. The job would include:
    • Working closely the original developer to produce high quality results based on the requests submitted by existing users
    • Use of our issue tracking system to manage tasks that are to be done
    • Use PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML to work on the product
    • Testing the application for bugs and fixing of new and existing bugs
    • Providing support to users via the customer forums

    Ideal Requirements
    The following skills are considered ideal for this position:
    • Experience with PHP4 and PHP5 and object orientated programming
    • Experience with MySQL as database of choice
    • (X)HTML/CSS experience (design ability a major advantage)
    • Good communication skills (English language fluency essential)

    The successful applicant would work from home and liaise with the team through e-mail and instant messaging. We will only accept applications from programmers based in Europe (UK preferred), USA or Australasia. Please be sure to include your location when contacting us.

    Work Requirements
    Since this is not a product that is sold (free download under the LGPL), there are no specific deadlines or requirements for hours of work. We are happy for you to work when you have time/feel like it, so long as the product does move forward! Therefore this is an ideal project for new developers looking to build their portfolio or full time programmers looking to work on a project in their spare time.

    Since work will be mainly on Olate Download, a free, LGPL, product, there will be few opportunities for payment with the exception of customisations (templates/code customisations). We are looking for someone to work on this as a ‘side/personal project’ but may negotiate payment at a later date. This is a great opportunity to expand your personal portfolio of work and contribute to an established, popular product.

    However, the position is not just limited to Olate Download development work and after a certain time, we may offer additional work on our paid, commercial product and upcoming products.

    In addition, a future permanent position in the company will be offered first to those with an existing relationship.

    If you are interested in this position, please e-mail [email protected] with the following information:
    • Summary PHP/MySQL/CSS/HTML experience
    • Availability for work (e.g. days and times)
    • Short summary of why you want to work for Olate, why you want to work on this project and how you feel you can contribute
    • Include where you saw this advertisement for the job and where you are located in the world

    Any other methods of application (e.g. replying to the forum topic) will result in automatic disqualification. Please ensure you include ALL of the above 4 pieces of information by e-mailing [email protected].

    If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

    Thank you for your interest.

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    Hello Devid,
    I am a interested. Why dont you email to me with more details.
    Payments are not important. I want to work and gather expericnce.

    Thank You Mehboob

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    As I said, if you reply to this topic you will be automatically disqualified because you have not read the instructions.

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