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    WTB: IBM x335 Breakout Cable (So. Cal Area)

    I bought one of these servers off of ebay and didn't realize I'd need a breakout cable so that I can hook up the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. By chance would anyone have a spare they could sell me or lend me in the Southern California area?

    I would even appreciate it if you know of a company with one in stock that is local to the Los Angeles area.

    I was going to put my server online tomorrow (Friday), but it may not be possible now.

    PN: 06P4792

    Thank you,

    p.s. I hope this isn't in the wrong forum.

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    late response,

    but this happened to me a while back with the first x335 i bought, I just put a PCI videocard in and a usb keyboard to get started until I got the proper cables to chain the machines together.

    maybe that will help.

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    I believe we have one colo with our server at Calpop, which DC do you need it at?

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    Thanks for the advice, I think I'm going to do that for now, I was thinking of that but would have had to bother someone to borrow the card and I didn't want to do it unless I knew for sure.


    It's acrossed the hallway at the XO facility. I should be in the building today for other reasons as well. I'll try the pci card first, if not I would definately appreciate any help.


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