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    Hi there!!

    I am kinda new to the e-commerce world but I have a website concept/design and I'm looking to get a site up and running this summer. It is going to be an online community offering particular educational information and an e-book. The revenue model being subscription based, I was doing research for hosting (ASO), username authentication (authpro), messageboard (vB), secure e-book capability (virtual vault), and java chat (parachat).... those were my best thoughts... are those pretty good?

    OR....the thing is that it seems that I could get ALL of these services through and perhaps it would be easier (and about the same price)... but can't seem to find any good outside information about them.

    Just wondering if any of you guys happen to know anything about or PLEASE any other advice you have would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

    Thanks so much!


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    Gatevision does not seem to have many reviews but you can check with the search feature over here if you could find any thread related to this host.

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    Thanks Gary!

    But I've definitely tried that already along with vB and other search engines...I fould some random reviews online but am not sure if they're very trustworthy... I was skeptical.

    I am just hoping someone on this forum is familiar with from experience or can offer any hosting advice (all-in-one or the contrary) based on my previous post. I forgot to mention that I'm definitely more concerned with security & back-end dependability of the host than aestheitics of their other features (although important)... I have a good design person for that job (thank goodness..hah :).

    Thanks again!



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