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    free windows server 2003 firewall


    which FREE firewall for server win2k3 is reliable. and how reliable is the firewall included in SP1 of win2k3?


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    Firewalls and Win 2003

    Hi! get what you pay for. I wouldn't trust a "free" firewall..not with my server...but that's me. I will install SP1 on my new server shortly...and I'll be able to share more then. There is another way of doing can setup a firewall using NAT.

    There is an article here:

    Sadly..that article assumes you are not new to the server..and know what all those options mean...which I did not. My book even failed I had to go to Microsoft. I've found these two articles to be of great help:

    This covers a ton of stuff that first article assumes you already know. If you don't...that presents quite a problem!

    There are other links on this page that are helpful about learning all about Win 2003. I'm glad Microsoft seems to be trying to organize their online resources a little better these days...even though they would prefer you spend a couple hundred on deadtrees(tm).

    >> Oh. I forgot a very important link. If you really want some wonderful tech backgrouders and need to go here:

    This is a wonderful place to learn different what a VPN is...and why you might want to setup/use one.

    Good luck,


    P.S. I love going to Microsoft using a non-Microsoft browser, too.
    I think it sends them the message that needs to be sent..IE has much that needs fixing.
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    When configured properly the fw that comes with 2003 is fine. Most exploited windows boxes I've worked on recently were compromised via other software misconfigurations. FTP and IIS being the 2 big ones. FW matters not a jot if your webserver or ftp are what get you owned.

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    Prob about the firewall in 2003 , it is only suitable for 1 IP, for eg if you put 8 IPs, only the last IP gets through, the rest of the 7 cant be used.

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