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    merging 4 databases into 1?

    well one thing is that I'm using 4 databases for 4 different parts of my blog ..for example

    Download Areas
    Blog itself

    Should I try merging all that into 1 whole database or should I keep each one seperate?

    tell me the risks and tell me the advantages..

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    The risk is if you copy all your tables into 1 db nothing will work, you will have to spend some time reconfiguring your site to the new structure. However if you plan carefully it will go smoothly.

    The are a few advantages. Maintenance, instead of managing 4 dbs you will only need to manage 1. Speed would be another. Accessing data across databases, if it is done, is much slower than accessing from 1 db.

    But if it aint broke donít fix it

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    Depends how you use the databases...

    If everything is interlinked, then you'd probably be better off using a single database. If each part is a seperate entity, then I'd keep them as seperate databases as you then have natural boundaries.

    If you wrote the system yourself, then you'll know the table structures and whether they can co-exist, if not then you'll need to prefix tables to ensure they are unique, you'll then have to update your applications to reflect the table prefix.

    Do you have any performance issues ? If not, I'd leave alone (unless you're planning a rewrite anyway)

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    I agree, I say leave as it is. Not much will be affected

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