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    Cpanel Question

    Hi guys and gals... hope you can help me with this question I have...

    I have a customer who has 5 domains. He'd like to be able to access all of them from his control panel (Cpanel). At the same time, use any of his databases (3 of them I've configured) for any one of those 5 domains.

    How do I set this up in CPanel? I tried using Addon Domains but get an error message that says the IP isn't pointed to the server (since it hasn't yet transferred). I'm also not sure if the databases will work with the additional domains since it appears they'd be setup as a subdomain.



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    You could always make one of his domains a reseller account, but make sure you're careful with the permissions you set for him. Also remember to change the other 4 accounts owners to his reseller account. That way he can access all his accounts from that one whm.

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