I have a server that is sitting idle and I want to rent it out. This server is located in Pittsburg at the EXPEDIENT data center. There is a good mix of quality bandwidth. Sprint, Verio, GLBX, Level3, and so on. A link to check out the info - http://www.fixedorbit.com/AS/17/AS17054.htm
Server comes with:

1,500GB bandwidth
AMD MP 2800+ (dual cpus) (runs as fast as 3.0ghz xeons in our tests)
1.5gb memory
1 new 80gb 150mbps (7,200 rpm 8mb cache)serial ata main hdd
1 160gb (7,200 rpm) P-ATA
20gb ftp back up space on another server (uses second nic, so your bw will not be used)
Remote power reset
windows 2003 web server ed

I will provide 10 free ip's, and charge $1 each extra. I am asking $150 a month, no setup fees. This server is waiting to be loaded with game servers, or to do some quality streaming. Payment by PayPal. No IRC or adult hosting. server is on a 10mbps port, 100mbps to the back up server. I can't change the OS as I activated it to this machine a few weeks back.

Test file right click and save the 300mb file. That is on the actual server that is listed here.

Let me know if you have any questions Thanks!

webmaster (at) WebNX.com