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    Post Outsourced Sales/Support Rep on Live Chat

    Dear all

    I'm starting up new web hosting company with less than 10 customer currently. I like the idea for outsourced support but currently, as you know, I couldn't afford much based on this level of clientele I'm having right now.

    I need someone or a team who can man 24/7 remotely (anywhere in e world) portraying as either a Sales rep or Tech support or both for my company (Singapore-based). Neither I can afford a bulk purchase nor expensive monthly fixed price.

    I wonder if there is anyone out there who can charge on per-chat basis etc, but man 24/7 Live. Here's my need:

    1. Just push the sale or initiate chat and/or;
    2a. Answer some technical questions on live chat
    2b. Technical issues that requires resolvement will be directed to posting in trouble ticket section

    I will be manning the chat as an operator on the normal working time, that is from 9.30am to 6pm, GMT+8. Any interested party/freelancer/partner, please PM me. Tell me how you charge, eg. profit sharing, per chat basis etc etc.

    Sorry for the lame idea, but there just might have someone out there who is willing to take up this offer ...

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    Well, outsourcing companies charge a lot for livesupport. You'd be better off hiring freelancers. If you wish, I can do the job for you. I am available from 7:30AM GMT to 5:30 GMT.
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    Thanks blue... i'm looking into my PM right now...

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