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    Programmer Needed

    We are looking for a script / program to automate the following.

    Create a VPN connection via the windows connection manager. Enter in our specific connection information, such as ip address, and uncheck some settings that do not apply to us etc.., edit the host file and add a line to the top or end, then run this command nbtstat -R and finally place a shortcut on the clients machine.

    This should be able to be downloaded and installed by our clients. Some of the settings to be input into the vpn connection should use an external file, so that we can change the file as needed (such as IP address)

    So - a client of ours would navigate to a download link on our site. They would download a file. This file would run, and create the VPN with our settings ( based on an ini, or include file of some sort - that we can change and modify). Once the VPn is created it would then update the host file, run the command line to refresh the OS, and place a shortcut on the desktop for the user.
    The user will only have to enter in their username and password, all other settings will have been completed buy this script.

    The settings include:
    Name of Company
    Host name or IP ( this would be pulled from the ini file )
    Add shortcut to desktop
    Then uncheck the setting for " use default gateway on remote network" located at Properties>>Networking>>TCP/IP>>Properties>>Advanced

    More information available if needed

    Please send PM with time frame, questions and bids.

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    Do you still need a programmer?
    Sorry it's not in PM, the system doesnt let me PM yet.

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