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    Jobs Requested! I need work!


    Well, I am really broke right now, and I'm trying to make a film but I don't have enough money so instead of begging for donations everywhere I guess I will just offer my services for money. My website is and the film website isn't really up yet but the temporary site is at (not official name). The list below are a few things I can do.

    website design
    website development
    hosting consulting
    website consulting
    marketing consulting
    journalist writing (any style)
    content development
    logo Design
    banner Design
    website maintainance
    photo touch-ups (fix skin errors, shape, etc)
    photo design (changing background, colors, etc.)

    If its not on the list just contact me and ask if I can do what your needing, if so I will give you an example (if avaliable) and an estimated price.

    To Get A Price Quote And Examples Of What You Need Just Contact Me!

    Jaron Davis

    aim - gotmerules

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    I need a image designed.

    it doesn't has to be fancy. i could do it my self but i don't have the time.

    basically i need a layout to go around a google adsence search box. so you can make a rectagular box , red colour, with some effects. and type my web address in a nice font.

    i can pay $5 for it. I might need a header in the near future too, so if this does well then maybe you could do that too.

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