Hi Guys,
I'm wondering if this is possible as I hope to implement this scenario soon. Several friends of mine have come together and developed an automatic stock trading system (Trades are placed when certain pre-defined criteria are met). What I'd like to do is create around 7 users. I want to be able to run the trading program simultaneously with those seven users. (ie. Each user having their own settings for the trading software, and each platform running with each user. Something like XP's fast user switch where programs are running even though you are logged on to another computer) I would also like to limit access by not allowing the users to reboot, kill processes, install programs, etc. I just want the users to be able to control their trading platform remotely. The platform runs on Windows. Lastly, I don't want other users to be able to see the other users files or screens.

Is this even possible? Would it be secure for the different users? If it is both possible and secure, could you suggest anything on how I could start this and what other software would be needed. I plan to get a dedicated server from any windows hosting company.