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    Smile Secure offsite encrypted data storage

    This is to Announce that is offering
    a Secure High Tech Encrypted offsite data storage solution.

    Our services are designed for the professional that is Serious about protecting their data.

    We are not using some cheap off site ftp client, Our service is Designed using the DBS Solution,

    Please view our video by clicking the link below.

    Please check out this video , Make sure to turn on your sound.

    This next Video is a downloadedable video and shows you how to install and operate the software.

    Download this zip file to see how it works.

    All plans have Free setup and 30 Days Free Trial.

    Although our software is designed to run on windows machines, It will backup just about any kind of file.

    One of our clients that has a cpanel web server, first does a backup using cpanel to his local computer, then he uses our backup solution to send the files to our offsite data storage servers.

    Click Here for our Pricing Plans

    Thanks for looking


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    Hum a bit confused by the vid it seems it uses a zip compression with password for the encryption nad not actual encrypting of the files. Can you explain this better. I am just a little fuzzy liek to know more before I consider it.
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    When you see the files, after encrytion, they look the same witjh their names, when they are sent to the server they are sent with 256 or 512 encrypted, once the files are on the backup server no one not even the server aqdministrator can open the files, Only you can see the files, because when you installed the probgram on your local computer it generated to secure keys that encode and decode the files for you, We cannot open the files only you.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Thanks for your interest


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