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    2 Dual Xeon Servers FOR SALE!

    I'm auctioning them off on ebay because when I tried to sell them on here the winning bidder ended up buying his servers elsewhere.

    These are DUAL XEON 2.4 Ghz, 2x80 Gig SATA, 4 Gig RAM

    More details in the auction:

    Bidding starts at just $.99 and there is no reserve. Your winning bid gets you both servers!!

    Good luck. Someone is sure to get a great deal on this.

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    How much minimum do you expect?

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    nice server
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    There is no minimum or reserve on the auction so what ever the final price is what ever I will sell it for.

    Thx econcept

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    Nice feedback you have there on eBay.

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    Thanks. I always treat people good.

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    only USA when it was possible to ship to europe i would offer 1000 USD

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    I wouldn't mind shipping out of the country, but I have no idea what the shipping would be, I also have no idea if there are any restrictions as far as sending computers overseas.

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    You need a 1500 Dollar Buy Now button - if you want to cancel the auction and settle for that with postage to Florida... I'm here
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    Thanks but I'm fairly sure they will end up going for 2k at least.

    I had several offers in that range already.

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