Hello there-

You are reading correct. GameLazy & LazyGamer are for sale. Both the sites and the domains are for sale.

Domains are registered at NameCheap. Both expire 01/02/2006. Free pushes to your free account at NameCheap are available.

Allow me to tell you about the website. Please, take your time to visit the site...now. Included in this sale is all content "as-is". GameLazy averages around 50 - 100 unique visitors per day. All are mostly coming from search engines and affiliates. About a week ago, it was averaging 100 - 150 uniques per day. As you update it, you will notice that your traffic will increase.

The site is optimized for search engines using "smart" PHP meta tags. At one time, the site would average 250 - 300 uniques per weekday, and 500 uniques on weekends. Now, this was when it was updated regularly. This site has a lot of potential.

Included with the site is the design AND custom CMS. The custom CMS's value alone is worth about $500. That's how much I've spent on it. The design costed me $100 and to get it coded it costed me $50.

Anyway, allow me to tell you about the CMS. The CMS features:
- Staff member accounts
- Add/edit/delete reviews
- Add/edit/delete news articles
- Add/edit/delete editorials
- Add/edit/delete game beta listings (VERY UNIQUE)
- Add/edit/delete staff member accounts
- Built in "post a message" to leave reminders or messages for staff
- The ability to run MySQL queries directly inside of the CMS
- Featured Review Image Rotator
- Image Gallery (ALSO VERY UNIQUE!)

Please PM me for a LIVE demo of the CMS. I have a demo account for those who are SERIOUSLY interested.

Bidding starts at $500.
BIN at $1000.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask!
Thank you.
(Payment by PayPal, please.)

P.S. The site is listed in Google, and MSN. I have recently been receiving some visitors from Yahoo.
P.P.S. Revenue Generated - Currently I have made $10.00 from the site with ClickSor. I am SURE anyone who uses Google Adsense will make a LOT more because ClickSor keep showing irrelavent advertisements (usually gambling ads).