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    Looking for Animators

    I am currently working with a client who's interested in creating a small animation of his product "in motion" on his website.

    The product in talk is an innovative bottle cap (more instructions on what the advantages of this one will be given with the job description obviously), and he is interested in an animation that will display the product and its advantages in different environments and uses.

    As I said more information about the exact contents of what the animation should be like will be given upon hiring.

    Since I have little to no experience in this type of work, we are looking to outsource the job. For the sake of accessibility I can imagine that the most "suiting" media for the animation would be flash (again, obviously), and I understand that creating that "3D feel" in flash is hard, so I am obviously looking for talented people on this one, as this is a serious, patented product which very well might become a huge success.

    Please PM or e-mail me your quotes (simonsen[at], and be sure to include links to previous work as this is, as already mentioned, a serious project, and we are looking for someone who can do this in a very respectable fashion.

    We are not necessarily looking for freelancers, so reccomendations about companies that take these types of jobs is also accepted in the thread - My somewhat inactive and fairly uninteresting blog.

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