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    Tech Support

    Is anyone Willing todo support for me for $1 per ticket?

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    How many tickets do you have? And I request $1.20

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    somedays i dont get any tickets somedays ive gotten as much as ten in a day

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    What is the Tech Support for?

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    Web hosting so youll need to know cpanel, linex, html, and ssh

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    When are payments made?

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    every week , every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every 4 weeks, depends on you.

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    I need it every week. Im avaliable now.

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    I can start immediately. Thanks!

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    If this offer is till open, I am willing to accept it. If required, please IM me.


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    Everyone who is interested please PM me with a little background information and the times you will be able todo support.


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    i will answer everone in a couple days... im reading all the pm's i have gotten and will make a decision soon. i am still open for new people.

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