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    give your opinion - chosing reseller


    currently i have an account with weblinenet but i want to reduce my cost. To say, i think weblinenet is great.

    i been reading about two "recomended" resellers:
    both having good reviews.

    it seem site5 is giving away good deals
    1Gb/15Gb (space/bandwidth)
    5 IPs
    Private DNS: yes
    aditional IP: ?
    billing system: ?
    Fantastico: yes

    site5 - rsx- special
    4Gb/60Gb (space/bandwidth)
    $19.95-$22.99 / yearly-monthly
    3 IPs
    Private DNS: yes
    aditional IP: $1/mo
    billing system: Clientexec: Free
    Fantastico: Yes

    i know this could be atractive but i want to make sure is not just at the begining. i mean, maybe later when i want to add some extra feature - IPs, extra space, bandw...- i wouldn't like to pay "too much" for that.

    more importantly is the support they offer. I like, they have "very quick" respond time in their forum. So, i guess if i run in trouble they'll help me to deal with it.

    if you had some experience with any of them -bluewho or site5, 6month at least " could you share it with me? are they reliable and keep a reasonable price not just at the beginning?

    thank you in advanced!

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    I don't exactly have feedback as far as BlueWho/Site5, but I do know of a company with similar pricing to BlueWho called (which I use now, going on 11 months).

    As far as I know both BlueWho and Site5 have good reputations on the board, and one search should show you that.

    I highly suggest you make your list a little bigger, there is nothing wrong with looking into more options. This will only help you raise your awareness towards the other companies on the scene, and possibly even help you see something that you would not have seen before (via comparisons).

    With that said, I suggest at least checking out RSHosting. You said you liked BlueWho's fast response time, check out RSH's response time (never over 10 minutes for me via the ticket system).

    I hope this helps!
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    this is my reduced list


    i've been reading many post about the "others": hostgator, turnkey, httpme, varhosting, innohosting, ...curvx, ..... so far

    for now, this 2 -bluewho & site5- are my "reduced" list

    i'll check rshosting.. thank you.


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    BlueWho offers off-site backup to a secondary HD and it is 5 IP addresses by the way... The only they lack is the "Billing" features for your client...

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    Originally posted by Mad_Elektra
    BlueWho offers off-site backup to a secondary HD and it is 5 IP addresses by the way...
    By off-site do you mean a secondary HD on another server? If you mean on the same server, that's not called off-site.

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    As with any host you should visit their forums and read the posts that should tell you allot.
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    I think Site5 is the better one from the above 2. But I would like to recomming to you.
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