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    WTB: Site-wide Text-link

    This is mainly for my upload site

    I am willing to pay upto $20 per site-wide text-link spot per month.

    Reply or pm me with your best offer and I will get back to you if I am interested.

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    Site wide text link on $20

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    I have advertising space on, a site devoted to letting members showcase their badges. Banner at the top is $12.50 a month and would be rotated with up to 7 others (currently only have 4 now). I can place a text link under "Games and Ranks", if you want for $15.00.

    Site was launched March 1st, and already has impressive traffic, due to being linked by two high visibility sites.

    Unique Visits: Mar: 3835, Apr: 2886
    Page Views: Mar: 68951, Apr: 33408

    The site itself gets more traffic than the forum does, as that's the focal point of the site. There's over 140 profiles, each profile having a minimum of one page, up to 10+ pages. Of those profiles, 6 have no advertising on them (because they've donated to the site). You will still get a pretty healthy viewing campaign, though...

    If you are purchasing 3 or more months of advertising, let me know, I'll work out a deal for you. If you want your banners tracked, you will need to provide the tracking code, as I have a simple banner rotation script in place. If you're interested in this, go ahead and send your paypal payment and banner (indicate which position) to webmaster {at} therealms {dot} net and let me know the URLs and whatnot. I'm also available via AIM, MSN and ICQ, PM me if you'd like those contact methods.
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    Sitewide on for $6/month 1000+ unique/day last month and this month is at 1700+ unique/day let me know.
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    We currently have a promotion on our newly launched 5th Cluster.
    Have a look at this thread for detail.

    Only $3.50/mth for a SiteWide Link ( 2 days remaining ! )
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    64 Text Link Ads.

    I own and I am selling text links to support its growth. I will place these text links on the footer of every page for only $15 a month.

    The forum is well over 1000 pages and has about 750 articles. It is indexed very well by google and is #1 for many searches. I never paid anyone to post or anything like that. Just about all my visits come from revisits or google.

    Here are the screenshots of forum stats and webalizer stats (1024x768):

    You can order here:

    If you have questions, I would be glad to answer them. Thank you.
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    Please have a look at and let me know if interested.


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