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    Problem with color of links

    I reallize this is a basic question but I'm going clueless so I thought I ask the experts...please help!

    I'm having a problem with the color of my links. I tried setting it in two ways:
    1) in the page properties...but the color is not applied correctly, instead of becoming my desired color, it changes from default blue to white. The underline feauture seems to be working correctly though.

    2) tried setting in the page properties to blank and using css formating. Seemed to work when I look at the site in a Dreamweaver but when I preview a site in a browser (IE), it becomes white.

    I noticed that when I run a looper to display my product prices from the database, some of the prices(i.e. links to detail page) are red like I want them to be but others are white...why is that?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Make sure you are applying your CSS style to the hypertext link.

    If you're using Dreamweaver then you can click on the text in question that has a hyperlink in the design window. At the bottom of the design window you can right click on the <a> and apply the appropriate CSS style with the color of text you want. If it is just applied to the paragraph or div tag or span in which the text is it won't affect the color of the hyperlink.
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