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    godaddy hosting review

    I'm a newb to being a webmaster, but I thought I'd share my experience with godaddy as a hosting provider.

    I've read alot of bad reviews on their hosting, but I'm inclined to think those reviews must have been made before I hosted with them at the beginning of February 2005.

    I haven't found any other host that provides some of the services they have for $3.95/mo. I haven't had any downtime altho it's only been a few months. My site generally only gets around 100 uniques per day and I'm only using about 1GB per month bandwidth.

    However, I have outgrown the 1 mysql database they offer with their cheapest plan and also I'm not liking the fact that I only have 1 ftp account.

    After doing alot of research, it looks like there is some better hosts out there altho I'll have to spend more than $3.95/mo which I knew I'd have to spend more than that anyway.

    With site5, I can get multiple databases and ftp accounts, plus more disk space and bandwidth and alot better support from what I've seen for $6.95/mo in addition to $50 credit when switching because I still have about 9 months left on godaddy because I paid for the entire year.

    So, for your basic website with 1 database, etc, godaddy should be fine, however I've outgrown their cheapest plan and am jumping the fence for greener pastures.
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    Thank you very much for writing this review ripeog. One question if I may. How did you monitor your site's uptime?

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    Well, I didn't have any "real" way of monitoring the uptime, however I've been on the site pretty much daily since it's been live and alot of times I'm on it for the better part of the day.

    I suppose it could have been down in the wee hours of the morning or at other times, so I wouldn't have known it or wasn't informed of it being down.

    Editing my original review to say "I haven't had any downtime that I am aware of..."

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    Have you tried to contact customer service, to get an idea of their level of support (i.e. response time, knowledge, etc...)?
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    Any emails I have sent to godaddy have generally been replied to in 1-2 days and they were generally basic questions with short and to the point answers where they knew what they were talking about, but as they weren't highly technical questions, I don't know how they would rank as far as that goes.

    As far as site5 goes, I have inquired on their forums with some technical questions and they gave thorough answers within a day.

    I really like how their site is set up for support. Active forums with the CEO and tech staff there to answer any pre-sales and post-sales questions.
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    Thanks for the review. I've had a positive experience with other Godaddy products but it's good to know about their web hosting offering as well.

    Please do an update at the 6 month and 1 year mark to let us know if things stay positive.

    I'm glad you give the perspective about price. Too many people think the issue is unimportant. Why pay $4 more though for features and whiz bang stuff you don't need?
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    I am happy to hear of a satisified customer. I am happy with GOdaddy for their domain services. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    GoDaddy is very very good for the domain registration but I am not sure if GoDaddy has established a good name in the hosting business or not. As far as I am concern. I seriously doubt there ability in the hosting business. They have had plenty of mixed responses all long here which is why I cannot say that they are a good host.

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    Yes, i agree, godaddy is very good, i have been using them for a long time and i will keep using them.

    Nice site and features

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