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    Why so many stupid spams???


    one of my webmaster email keeps receiving lots of lots of spams. Most of the spams are all about big funds transfer. Dam, they think people are as stupid as they are?? Here's a sample of those spams:

    Good day to you,

    I have a profiling amount of 56 Million United States Dollars secured in an
    offshore private bank. I am seeking your assistance in securing these funds
    into a safe account for future investment purposes but requiring maximum
    confidentiality. This is bourne out of the fact that I am still in active
    service in the Ministry here in Scotland-UK.

    Upon your positive response to my proposal, I will provide you with the
    following information:

    * How I will introduce you/yourcompany to the holding bank and make you the
    beneficiary of the money.

    * Who I am and why I have decided to sought for your assistance.

    * What percentage of the money I am willing to give you for your assistance.

    Kindly respond with your private phone and fax numbers for easier and faster

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    This scam has been going on for years. It's referred to classicly as the Nigerian scam because it seems to have originated out of there. The reason they continue to do it (and adapt it) is because occassionally people actually respond with their bank information.

    You may not think people are very gullible but after years on the Internet I beg to differ. I don't know how many times I've received "Gosh I hope this works" to the old e-mail about Bill Gates giving money to people who forward e-mails. I've received forwarded e-mails that are utterly inane from people I thought had some sense. The Nigerian scam is preying on folks like that.

    What's funny is there are a group of self-appointed "protectors" out there who make it their habit to respond to these e-mails and pretend like their utter morons and tie up the scammers time with lots of stupid questions.
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    I'm receiving a lot of "Rolex-Watches" spam merchandising nowadays... I don't know how they get my new gmail email without I register on anything :/
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    well they send out millions in a day! and even 1 respomse is worth it for them. damn spam works lol

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    Originally posted by saghir69
    damn spam works lol
    There was a song in a movie about thieves, translated it would go something like this:

    Don't you ever worry
    The life takes care of everything
    As long as there are people around
    There will be money ... (for us thieves)

    Last year, there was a case here in Singapore, where an old man got "Nigerian email". His kids tried to convince him that it's just a scam, they even took him to Nigerian embassy here, so they can confirm it is scam indeed.
    To no avail - the old man thought that they (kids) are just envy, and they don't wish him any good.

    It seems that your question "Why so many stupid spams?" is one of those philosophical questions, like "Which comes first - chicken or egg?"

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    I think last month before , Readers Digest published an article on this Nigerian scam ?? People get a series of emails that they have some billions of money and they need help in transfer...

    "Why so many stupid spams???" ? People want fast money... easy money... So they easily fall for these traps.

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    yeah but that one is getting too old now. If only i could come up with a new idea like that. there are enough thick people waiting to be scamed.

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    Has anyone receive the Nigerian bank account scam emails lately? The most annoying ones nowadays are eBay and paypal spoofs asking you to update your billing information.

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