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    Question Recommend a smaller datacenter in London/South East UK?

    Hello all

    I'm looking to co-lo a couple of servers in a "non-carrier class" environment. In otherwords, I'm looking for a small datacenter which won't mind me getting physical access to my server on a regular basis (during business hours).

    I've been having difficulties with the big datacenters on this matter

    Needs to be in the South East of England, preferably Greater London. It's not "mission critical" stuff so I'm really happy to go with a small/new company on that respect.

    If you are such an entity, are hosted by one or can just recommend one -- please repy here

    Many thanks.


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    Hi there ben,
    I'd reccomend poundhost for this they have a datacentre(s) in maidenhead which isn't far out of London (Junction 8/9 M4). They are a slightly smaller datacentre and a friendly group of guys.

    I think the problem your going to find where ever you go is that you'll be lucky to get unescorted access with less than a half rack comitment as you will theoretically have access to other people's equipment.


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    You could speak to they are in Tyco and very helpful.

    Contact Imran @ coriex [dot] net

    But im sure that with just 2U they may not give access.

    Poundhost probably your best bet


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    I'd recommed having a chat to Dedipower

    I think they're in the final stages of constructing another data centre in Reading due to their sucess.

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