Utaria Web Services, LLC is known for quality, stability and reliability. We use redundant hardware that WE OWN, and co-locate. Because of our dedication to customer service, and server/network stability, businesses rely on us for their online presences. We won't sell you the world for the price of a happy meal, but we will rock your socks off with our quality support. We mean it when we say "If our customer fails to succeed, so do we." We will work our hardest to make sure that you are able to succeed online.

We have recently added a Windows server to our network, and are now fully capable of hosting ASP/ASP.net web applications. To help announce this new service, we are offering FREE Setup on all new hosting accounts using the following promo code "x9k31s"

Our plans are as follows:

Personal Hosting Plans
Unix - $6.92/mo
Win - $8.92/mo
Disk Space - 100MB
Transfer - 5GB
Domains - 2

Regular (Our Most Popular Plan!)
Unix - $8.92/mo
Win - $10.92/mo
Disk Space - 250MB
Transfer - 10GB
Domains - 3

Unix - $12.92/mo
Win - $14.92/mo
Disk Space - 500MB
Transfer - 20GB
Domains - 5

Business Hosting Plans
Small Biz
Unix - $18.92/mo
Win - $20.92/mo
Disk Space - 500MB
Transfer - 20GB
Domains - 3

Unix - $26.92/mo
Win - $28.92/mo
Disk Space - 1000MB
Transfer - 30GB
Domains - 5

Unix - $34.92/mo
Win - $36.92/mo
Disk Space - 2000MB
Transfer - 40GB
Domains - 50


REMEMBER! Use the promo code x9k31s to get the FREE SETUP!

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